Street party 2016


Rain did not stop the members of the community coming out to enjoy and celebrate the Queen’s ninety-year birthday at Mamora Road. With the street blocked off for the afternoon, residents and local Cambridge Seventh-Day Adventist church members enjoyed good food, fun and laughter. Whilst most people came from the surrounding streets, some visitors journeyed several miles to support their relatives.

One of those who braved the rain to enjoy the celebrations, Mrs Mack, 92, brought her famous flapjacks, which needless to say, were in huge demand. Dubbed the “flapjack queen”, Mrs Mack, who has lived on the street for 70 years, said that this was a “very good thing that really got people together” and she has been excited to attend each year.

This is the fifth year running that the community has successfully managed to come together to organise and host the street party. Local church Pastor, Miroslav Pujic feels that partnering with the local neighbourhood in the coordination of such events is important for the continuous development of good community spirits and relationships.

Anticipation is already building for the 2017 street event at which there is hope to see familiar faces, as well as, welcoming new friends to enjoy this annual celebration.

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